Our Miracles

Maximized Living believes that everybody who walks into our clinic deserves the full power of The 5 Essentials™. We have seen the results every day for people just like you who are committed to transforming their health. We will work with you to build your own story of Maximized Living success.

No More Sciatica, Cholesterol Medication or Blood Pressure Medication!

Kim began implementing the 5 Essentials of Maximized Living and within a few months she was on her way to total LIFE TRANSFORMATION!

Chiropractic Benefits Neonates!

Our doctors are trained to check the tiny spines of newborns and infants for subluxation, which hinders their ability to thrive. Pediatric adjustments such as the one seen in this photo are gentle and require very little force, typically performed with the tip of a pinky or ring finger on the affected vertebra. Our doctors frequently are asked to adjust newborns, often within minutes of the delivery. This is because of the strain the birthing process can place on a baby’s fragile spine.

Back Pain Gone!

By: Al

Since starting care at Maximized Living in Coeur d’Alene, my back pain is completely gone. I can walk again! I have lost weight too and feel a lot better. Thank you!

Acid reflux, hip pain, and sinusitis gone!

By: Leslee

Thank you, Dr. Erin & Dr. Ryan! Since starting care I no longer have:

Acid reflux
Hip Pain
AND I now have more energy! WOW!

Pediatric Chiropractic

By: Dr. Sousley

Welcome to the world baby Gwynevere! Born naturally at home via waterbirth with the help of Inga Arts from Dayspring Midwifery. Gwynevere’s mom received Maximized Living care prior to and during her pregnancy to ensure the health of mom and baby! Within 20 minutes of birth, Gwynevere’s spine was evaluated for subluxations, which are misalignments in the spine that may cause interference to her nervous system by placing pressure on the brainstem and spinal cord. She was gently adjusted by Dr. Sousley. Mom was also evaluated shortly after and her subluxations were corrected as well!

No more acid reflux!

By: Lori R

Thanks to Dr. Ryan & Dr. Erin I am completely off of my night reflux medication!

My blood pressure is normal!

By: Linda Z.

After 2 months of care with Dr. Ryan & Dr. Erin my pelvis is straight. I feel great, I was on 4 medications for blood pressure, and now I’m down to 1, and soon NONE! I love what they have done for me!


Nicole used to suffer from headaches every day, but after six weeks of chiropractic treatment, she is now completely headache free and enjoying strong overall health as a result of a Maximized Living doctor’s care.